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This Rocked!

I had fun, it was great beating up Britney and the gang... hillarious!

Fun brilliant and great stuff!

Perfect 10 yo! This shit was hot!

It was tough, got stuck a few times but knee capped the SOB in the end. Great dynamic visual animation, cool cinemagraphics... fun to play. 5/5 and 10/10. Peace bitch!

Great game, MindChambers art rocks.

Great work Tom, Pico Day is far superior to any other day on newgrounds, some amazing flash talent producing amazing Pico animations.

For a fun game, this was great, I died fairly soon will have to try to do better. <3 Newgrounds!

Twisted and fucked... the way flash is meant to be

Fuck the haters... this shit is some of the funniest flash on the planet. Not only do you force people to have gay man on wolf sex, you encourage use to click on every breast to ensure full interactive entertainment is assured.

The only thing that could make this flash better, is all the people dissing it who can STFU and stop denying their freak.

Well, kind of sucked...

Maybe more effort on the design and graphics to at least make it look less the cheese.

dudikus responds:

it's retro style.
i don't understand what you mean about cheese.

This was pretty good, nice work.

I think it was pretty good for my first run through, definately worth playing. Keep up the good work.

Tens across the board, this rocked!

I am so glad I played this game, it's awesome. Funny concept and great graphics and design. Fantastic work!

It's kind of redundant as we all have played

Space invaders. For that style of game it's ok, but lacks any depth or originality hence the lower score.

Very Cool - nice work!

Great graphics and its fun, definately got my vote! 5/5 9/10

Awesome! This was great :D

Sadly though it will purpetuate the many simplistic stick/flash that so many submit and get blammed, but the tutorial is sound and perfect for people wanting to learn flash.

I also submitted two tutorials at the same time, great minds think alike.

Satoshiji responds:

I s'pose so. But I do think Stick Figures are best for non-professionals in the long run, simply because they are easy to work with and still get the point across. ^_^

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